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Touchstone uses the most commonly accepted “Official Birthstone List” established and revised by the American National Association of Jewellers in 2002.
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Our guarantee:  Timeless Moissanite™ will be as brilliant & as beautiful as the day you bought it in many years to come.
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Teal or "Peacock" sapphires are currently on trend.  These bi-coloured sapphires exhibit blue/green and yellow hues.

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Your Birthstone is determined by the month you were born in.  The colour of the stone is more important than the type of gem.


Our new stock has landed and these gemstones are hotter than summer in Dubai. Our new arrivals collection houses some of the most requested and sought after gems.



Buy a lifetime of brillianance, beauty and fire with Timeless Moissanite™

In 2019, we launched our own brand of Moissanite.  We believe in our product and it's quality and have more than 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise to ensure you of only the best at a price that everyone can afford.

Shop with confidence directly on the Timeless Moissanite™ website.

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